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Whew, what a life!
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Ah man, busy busy as usual! Luckily I managed to keep to my Tuesday calendar and update on everything, finishing off with this journal post.

I'm taking another mini-vacation from Wednesday to Friday. I'm sorry Lephi, I know we talked about hanging out this week and you invited me out to your place and I declined to work..Now I feel kind of assholish for taking this other route, but there are a couple of reasons. One is that it is severely last minute(like we solidified the plans a few minutes ago) and the other is I've found myself starting to not take well to extended periods of time alone by myself. Since my mom's leaving I'm going with her so that by day three when I'm talking to my cat, I don't start hearing her talk back. (kidding, kidding..But I do go stir crazy)

We're going to my mom's beau's place. Just met him a little while back and I absolutely LOVE him. Oh my god, what a cool guy! You know how a lot of people think they're outdoorsy? Well it's nothing compared to this guy. I swear he had killed, skinned and cooked every animal within his county just to see how it tastes. He's so good with his hands that he's already fixed our lawn mower, the lock on our garage, the back door to our garage and a slew of other things I can't even remember. He's laid back with a good sense of humor and just very easy to get along with, so I can't wait to see him again.

I know I've been taking a lot of little an big vacations as of late, but it's the last break I'm going to have in my life. After this month it's house payments, car payments, health insurance(which I forgot is running out in September and i get to pick up the bill, yaaay) and basic other general real-life things that will require me to ask for time off. So I'm going to take this little reprieve as best I can, but I AM still working on fursuits. I worked for twelve hours today on various things, so I'm not neglecting my responsibilities.

I'm also opening up for one head commission. I know we had talked about a partial Lobo, so that's why I didn't contact you first when I opened because I really only have time for a head at this point. I will get back to you on it though, I swear ;.;

Here's my web page for some examples:

Almost all of my heads are 200 dollars and I aim to have a completion time of early August. If anyone's interested feel free to contact me at


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