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Well, back
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Please excuse any bad typing. I'm using a laptop that I'm not used to and it's also missing an R key.

Ugh. Had vacation times which was good times but now I'm sick D: I'm not really sick anymore, like the cough and everything has gone away, but the incessant fever is truly killer. Still, now that I'm snuggled back into my home I have a few things to do.

-Go through my piled up e-mails and pick back up on my every Tuesday plan
-Re-set up my work room(we threw up a bed in my work room for company. This bed will NOT stay in my work room. Long story behind that..)'
-Finish all current fursuit projects slated. Now that I have finished demolishing another glue gun and have managed to get my hands on another one I should be good. Maybe. I finally figured out what my problem with my glue guns was. I would stop using it and start carving and smoothing the foam and it would just sit there for a few hours boiling some glue and it would get all in the mechanics of it and gum things up. In fact my last glue gun fell behind my table without me noticing and sat back there for THREE DAYS. Burning my art portfolio in the process..I will miss that artwork.
But I have a plan to keep this from happening. I now have a glue gun with a light on it to tell me when it's on and off! Woo! I should have been using this thing in the first place, but my Mama didn't name me Genius, or something along those lines..Fever makes my humor off. And I'm going to get an egg timer and set it for twenty minutes. If I haven't used the gun in that time I'm gonna just turn it off instead. Yaaay.

My life is getting a super jump start in a couple of months by me taking over my mother's house, but even more than that, this week I should at least be getting my learner's permit, if not my license. Yes, I'm 22 and don't have a license. It basically boils down to laziness in both me and my parents and the lack of money between me and my parents, so there you go. At least we're trying to rectify the situation now anyway.

And that's it. Hope everyone's having a good day!


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