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Tuesday E-mails and Contacting! Please read if you need to get in touch with me
As many of you know, I completely fail at responding back to LJ comments, FA comments, e-mails, etc. I'm generally no good at keeping in contact with people online. As part of my 'clean up my act' command I've been doing, I will, without fail or hesitation, respond to you every Tuesday of every week. I will also try to post in this journal every Tuesday.

This doesn't mean I won't respond faster than that! Just that if I don't get to it sooner, Tuesday is the day. I am going to skip this coming Tuesday and move on to the next one since this week is beyond hectic with trying to fix suits and finish a partial for selling, not to mention mid-terms and house cleaning starting up full throttle.

On the note of making fursuits, I will also be live streaming working on a dog head!</u> It's going to happen Tuesday(my self-made D day it seems :p) at 12PM central. If you'd like to tune in it will be here: Unless I manage to find a place that makes it easier for me to play music while talking. You'll need a username to chat also, just FYI. I really do hope some people chat since I kinda felt like I was talking to myself last time lol. I hope to see you there!

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I'll admit, I've been incredibly curious if you had an updates on the uh, medical status of Lobo and Gothy.

On the other hand, I totally tried chatting with you last UStream, but my computer is a total A-hole. I'd log in, post, and then it'd be like "HAY LOG IN" and I'd be like "HAY I DID YOU DOUCHENUGGET LET ME CHAT" and then it'd be like "NO YOU HAVE TO LOG IN" and I was like "ARGH DIAF"

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