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Happy (late) Yule Jordan
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Here's your present(s)!

So quick explanation on this. They're done in pixel art and yes, I totally ganked that picture I did of Suion for you a decade ago and used it for the icon. Sorries D: I also had animations for each and every one of them, but Graphics Gale was like, "NO" and Gimp went, "I'LL EAT THEM AND MAKE THEM ALL FUZZY AND LOOK LIKE CRAP" and I went, "DDDDDD:"

Graphics Gale also nommed the shit out of the Trancer one because, after all, a program dedicated to making PIXEL ART should totally DEFAULT TO FUZZY ASS JPEG WHEN YOU SAVE. WTH. It's my own fault though, I should have checked that.

I still want to try and get them animated if I can figure out how to pull it off. I also will hopefully have more coming for you. You can also have the originals for them. I hope you like!

AND LOBO! I'm still working on yours, I haven't forgotten about the present >.>*dies*

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:D :D

they're awesome! And the Trancer one's border is moving :D x3 And the Talei one is totally gonna be my new default icon now :D

lakhlahglakejrghyou're awesome!

Yeah, the Teancer one moves because it got all crapped up anyway so I actually had a chance to animate it. And awesome, I'm so glad you like them! :DDDD

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