WARNING: E-mail compromised!
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To anyone who receives an e-mail from my other address JulieAndrewsJunkie@gmail.com, do not open the e-mail! My account was just suspended because somehow someone has gotten in and was trying to send some link to my entire address book. My account was suspended for a while, but I have it back up and will be reporting the incident.

Sorry everyone for the inconvenience.

Whew, what a life!
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Ah man, busy busy as usual! Luckily I managed to keep to my Tuesday calendar and update on everything, finishing off with this journal post.

I'm taking another mini-vacation from Wednesday to Friday. I'm sorry Lephi, I know we talked about hanging out this week and you invited me out to your place and I declined to work..Now I feel kind of assholish for taking this other route, but there are a couple of reasons. One is that it is severely last minute(like we solidified the plans a few minutes ago) and the other is I've found myself starting to not take well to extended periods of time alone by myself. Since my mom's leaving I'm going with her so that by day three when I'm talking to my cat, I don't start hearing her talk back. (kidding, kidding..But I do go stir crazy)

We're going to my mom's beau's place. Just met him a little while back and I absolutely LOVE him. Oh my god, what a cool guy! You know how a lot of people think they're outdoorsy? Well it's nothing compared to this guy. I swear he had killed, skinned and cooked every animal within his county just to see how it tastes. He's so good with his hands that he's already fixed our lawn mower, the lock on our garage, the back door to our garage and a slew of other things I can't even remember. He's laid back with a good sense of humor and just very easy to get along with, so I can't wait to see him again.

I know I've been taking a lot of little an big vacations as of late, but it's the last break I'm going to have in my life. After this month it's house payments, car payments, health insurance(which I forgot is running out in September and i get to pick up the bill, yaaay) and basic other general real-life things that will require me to ask for time off. So I'm going to take this little reprieve as best I can, but I AM still working on fursuits. I worked for twelve hours today on various things, so I'm not neglecting my responsibilities.

I'm also opening up for one head commission. I know we had talked about a partial Lobo, so that's why I didn't contact you first when I opened because I really only have time for a head at this point. I will get back to you on it though, I swear ;.;

Here's my web page for some examples:


Almost all of my heads are 200 dollars and I aim to have a completion time of early August. If anyone's interested feel free to contact me at Mianame@gmail.com

Well, back
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Please excuse any bad typing. I'm using a laptop that I'm not used to and it's also missing an R key.

Ugh. Had vacation times which was good times but now I'm sick D: I'm not really sick anymore, like the cough and everything has gone away, but the incessant fever is truly killer. Still, now that I'm snuggled back into my home I have a few things to do.

-Go through my piled up e-mails and pick back up on my every Tuesday plan
-Re-set up my work room(we threw up a bed in my work room for company. This bed will NOT stay in my work room. Long story behind that..)'
-Finish all current fursuit projects slated. Now that I have finished demolishing another glue gun and have managed to get my hands on another one I should be good. Maybe. I finally figured out what my problem with my glue guns was. I would stop using it and start carving and smoothing the foam and it would just sit there for a few hours boiling some glue and it would get all in the mechanics of it and gum things up. In fact my last glue gun fell behind my table without me noticing and sat back there for THREE DAYS. Burning my art portfolio in the process..I will miss that artwork.
But I have a plan to keep this from happening. I now have a glue gun with a light on it to tell me when it's on and off! Woo! I should have been using this thing in the first place, but my Mama didn't name me Genius, or something along those lines..Fever makes my humor off. And I'm going to get an egg timer and set it for twenty minutes. If I haven't used the gun in that time I'm gonna just turn it off instead. Yaaay.

My life is getting a super jump start in a couple of months by me taking over my mother's house, but even more than that, this week I should at least be getting my learner's permit, if not my license. Yes, I'm 22 and don't have a license. It basically boils down to laziness in both me and my parents and the lack of money between me and my parents, so there you go. At least we're trying to rectify the situation now anyway.

And that's it. Hope everyone's having a good day!

Tuesday Cathcup off for vacation
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Just to tell everyone, the Tuesday catch-up I've been doing on e-mails and such is going to be called off for thsi Tuesday and most likely next Tuesday. My mom's having vacation this weekend, I'm doing finals and after that I have my own vacation(CCCCAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOO), so things are too busy. Right after the vacation is over, no matter what day I'll be getting back to everyone and I may be on and off during that time as is.

Ciao everyone! If you need to get in touch with me just call me or text me. I can't guarantee that I'll pick up, but I'll get back to you eventually.

Streaming building a dog head
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EDIT: I'm cutting it short because a friend of mine informed me that it doesn't even look like I'm broadcasting. So hopefully I'll have all of these technical problems figured out by Friday, I might try again then. Sorry guys D:

Come watch if you get the chance: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/mianame

Tuesday E-mails and Contacting! Please read if you need to get in touch with me
As many of you know, I completely fail at responding back to LJ comments, FA comments, e-mails, etc. I'm generally no good at keeping in contact with people online. As part of my 'clean up my act' command I've been doing, I will, without fail or hesitation, respond to you every Tuesday of every week. I will also try to post in this journal every Tuesday.

This doesn't mean I won't respond faster than that! Just that if I don't get to it sooner, Tuesday is the day. I am going to skip this coming Tuesday and move on to the next one since this week is beyond hectic with trying to fix suits and finish a partial for selling, not to mention mid-terms and house cleaning starting up full throttle.

On the note of making fursuits, I will also be live streaming working on a dog head!</u> It's going to happen Tuesday(my self-made D day it seems :p) at 12PM central. If you'd like to tune in it will be here: http://www.ustream.tv/user/Mianame Unless I manage to find a place that makes it easier for me to play music while talking. You'll need a username to chat also, just FYI. I really do hope some people chat since I kinda felt like I was talking to myself last time lol. I hope to see you there!

With friends like Jordan, who needs enemies?
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I'm finally starting to catch up on life and on March 4th my last mid-term will take place and I will be FREEEE!!! Kind of. Anyway, to relax I have decided to tell you all a tale of woe, tragedy, epic fail and good fun times.

Journal title quoted from Lephiro who made the comment when we were talking about a Left 4 Dead campaign we went through recently. The.greatest.campaign.EVER.

And it was all due to Jordan's awesomeness!(or lack thereof)

Full story hereCollapse )

Happy (late) Yule Jordan
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Here's your present(s)!

PresentsCollapse )

AND LOBO! I'm still working on yours, I haven't forgotten about the present >.> Just..so...busy...*dies*

Lamb Head Finished
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Here's the lamb head. I'm not sure how lambish it looks, but I did try. I think that maybe once it gets furred it will look like once(but then again practically every foam head is like that).

Lamb fursuit headCollapse )

Crap, just realized I forgot to lighten the pictures. *sigh* Oh well, this will have to do.

Moving and work progress
Moved again for the start of college and just settled my computer into place. Apparently since I was last here the cord that connects my computer directly to the internet is missing, so I now have a wireless antenna sitting two inches away from my modem. I've got a really strong connection though, so I can't complain! :p

My new workspace has more tables, more clean-cut and I now have a table easily accessible from all sides. That might seem like a small point, but since I like to walk and more around while working, it makes me very happy. I have a feeling my production is going to be much faster after this.

Projects are going good and I'm not rushing to meet deadlines. I'm in the last stages on a couple of heads and should be posting pictures soon. I also might post pics of my workspace soon too.

Have a nice night everyone!


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